Abigail and Miriam awarded
July 2024
Huge congratulations to PhD student Abigail Strefeler and postdoc Miriam Lisci for winning both the best poster award AND the best oral presentation award at ISCaM2024, the 11th meeting of the International Society for Cancer Metabolism!
New preprint on-line
July 2024
New preprint from the lab!
Cytosolic N6AMT1-dependent translation supports mitochondrial RNA processing By Mads Foged et al.  
New Opinion article in Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism
February 2024
PhD students Abigail Strefeler and Joan Blanco-Fernandez teamed up to discuss how nucleosides - and nucleic acids! - can be used as energy sources, notably in cancers and in immunity. PDF
Interview at the Faculty of Biology & Medicine
February 2024
It was a pleasure to share my story in an interview with the Faculty of Biology & Medicine at UNIL (in French):
Career Pathways in Nature Metabolism
January 2024
In a "Career Pathways" article in Nature Metabolism Alexis discusses how he became a biologist and his career so far. PDF.
Opening a lab during the pandemic
January 2024
In a "Voices" article in Molecular Cell Alexis shares his experience finishing his postdoc, moving to another continent and opening his lab during the COVID-19 pandemic. PDF
Two new students join the lab
July 2023
Welcome Lilit Petrosyan and Anaïs Senn! Lilit and Anaïs are master students from the University of Lausanne and they will stay with us until the end of the year.
New article in Nature Metabolism
May 2023
Our story on uridine catabolism for energy production is out in Nature Metabolism! Spearheaded by co-first authors Owen Skinner (MGH/Harvard) and Joan Blanco-Fernandez (from the lab), with Vamsi Mootha and many collaborators. PDF
Introducing Dead-Seq for synthetic lethal screening
May 2023
In a new manuscript by Joan Blanco-Fernandez we introduce Dead-Seq, a powerful experimental method for converting negative- into positive-selection screens, compatible with CRISPR screening, ORFeome screening and more. PDF
Better diagnosis for mitochondrial disorders
May 2023
Our group, together with Dr. Christel Tran at the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV), was awarded a two-year interdisciplinary grant from the Research Commission at the Faculty of Biology and Medicine, University of Lausanne. With this new fund, we will develop tools to provide molecular diagnoses to patients with suspected mitochondrial disorders.
Marcell Harhai joins the lab
March 2023
Marcell Harhai is a medical doctor from Sweden and Hungary with a strong interest in research. Marcell will develop new molecular diagnosis tools for mitochondrial disorders and investigate recently discovered mitochondrial disease genes.
Mads Møller Foged joins the lab
February 2023
Mads Møller Foged hails from Copenhagen, Denmark. During his PhD, Mads developed novel strategies for organelle isolation coupled to lipidomics.